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Our attorneys represent individual clients in Chapter 7, 11 or 13 bankruptcies, from pre-filing workouts on behalf of companies and creditors to Chapter 11 engagements on behalf of debtors, creditors, etc.

The goal at Seifert & Knupp is to get you back on a path toward financial security.

  • Are you in danger of foreclosure?
  • Are your wages being garnished?
  • Are you receiving harassing calls from creditors?
  • Are you considering bankruptcy?

We are on your side and will diagnose your case and explain your options.

  • Get a full financial and legal diagnosis
  • Fixed price with no surprises

If you are serious about seeking financial relief and starting fresh contact Seifert & Knupp as soon as possible to schedule an no obligation consultation.

  • Stop those harassing telephone calls by creditors
  • Stop the creditor threats
  • Stop the wage garnishments
  • Get the guidance you need to successfully navigate the bankruptcy process
  • Get back on track financially and re-build your credit 

We may be able to help you keep your home and eliminate the anxiety and stress associated with creditor threats, foreclosure and repossession. We will be able to help you use the bankruptcy courts to provide relief and protect your family.

Bankruptcy does not mean the end but is often a new beginning. By eliminating high and unmanageable debt, rebuilding financial security can be within reach once again.

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